Thursday, February 23, 2012

Slowly Adjusting

I've been keeping track of my meals I eat daily and how much water I've been drinking and what not (I use which is a great site!).  The water thing wasn't that big of a change because I've always drank a lot during work so now I'm just getting used to drinking it at home (our Brita filter thing has been amazing for this...I like cold water).  I went grocery shopping for myself for some different fruits that I normally wouldn't get (pears and peaches), and had our dinners all planned out so I knew exactly what I needed to get.  And tried not to stray to far away from that.  I'm horrible at snacking so I got some foods that I could snack on that were much healthier for me!  I've also been taking a glass of water with some apple cider vinegar mixed this is probably my only weird diet thing I'm doing...but it's not just for weight loss (it says that may help decrease your appetite a little before you eat), but it's also says it's good for your skin and health in general.  I got the raw unfiltered stuff so it's kind of potent stuff lol.  But I just plug my nose and drink at least 2 glasses of it throughout the day.  If you want go ahead and look it up on google and see whatcha think!  Anyways...well the hubby just brought some lunch home!  Yay :) I'll write more later!

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