Thursday, September 27, 2012


Well kinda fell off the whole blogging thing a little bit!!  But after reading some inspiring blogs I decided to give it a try again!

This time I want to use this as a motivation tool.  I'm ready to loose some weight and start working out again.  And I know everyone will be thinking..."oh here she goes again!"  and thats ok because I'm ready to prove them wrong!  Hopefully...

We've had a lot going on in our little life.  We recently bought a house and are enjoying being homeowners.  Our relationship has been a little rocky and rough...but things are getting much better and hopefully they continue to go that way.  No one said marriage was easy right?

I'm also on a mission to re-do our living room into my junk gypsy inspired room.  But I see pictures and think...hey thats super cute I think I could do that...then I try and my mind just goes blank.  So might post some progress pictures of that also!! Little bit of everything. 

Well Greys Anatomy is about to start and I have 3 super cute kittens on my lap so my night is set :) 

Until next time!