Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well..time to get back on track!

That was the view outside of our apartment a few days ago...the most snow I think we got all winter!

It's been a couple of rough days food wise for me..kinda got off track and spent a few days eating more junk then I should of...part of it I think was that I ran out of groceries.  Well, not completely, but I didn't have anymore fruit or any healthy snacks to snack on!  So Jimmy Johns was realllly looking good!  But now I've taken my trip to Aldi and re-stocked the fridge and pantry.  I am all set.  So now time to get back into the swing of things and get back in the gym and watching my food.  I'm down to the lowest weight I was almost a year from now..before I gained half of it back.  Blah.  Heading in the right direction though!  Oh and I got to run 2 miles outside the other day...looove running outside. I literally smile while I's great.  It was 53 degrees and sunny...thank you Minnesota for making it a short winter for us this year :)  Here's to running in the sun and loving it!  Going to start fresh and enjoy it!